Amplifying Artistry

Welcome to Amplifying Artistry, the podcast that turns up the volume on creativity in North Lanarkshire.  

Join us, as we dive into the vibrant minds of local creatives, right here in the heart of Scotland. In this series, we’ll be chatting with creative people who live and work in North Lanarkshire, exploring their unique stories, and witness first-hand the magic that happens when passion meets revolutionary desire to create.

Whether you’re tuning in during your daily commute, finding solace in these conversations at home, or simply seeking a moment of inspiration, we hope that you will identify with the people and stories we encounter. “Amplifying Artistry” promises an enlightening journey that will leave you inspired, informed, and, perhaps, forever changed.

You can listen to this podcast using the audio players below or by searching for “Amplifying Artistry” on your favourite podcasting platform.

The podcast is currently in its second series with new episodes being released at the end of each month throughout 2024.




Series 2, Episode 1

Series 2, Episode 2


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