About Us

The CultureNL mission is ‘to deliver high quality and inspiring cultural experiences and facilities, which promote and increase participation, meet customer and visitor expectations and improve the quality of life’.

CultureNL works with the communities of North Lanarkshire and beyond to:

  • encourage enjoyment and involvement in cultural activity
  • promote opportunities which are accessible to all
  • create stronger, more cohesive communities through participation in cultural activities
  • work in partnership with local and national agencies to promote and widen cultural experiences
  • provide welcoming, well maintained venues and community spaces
  • be a strong, sustainable, successful organisation which is valued by our customers, communities and supporters; and
  • maximise resources, value our employees, grow our business and generate income to further develop the organisation.

CultureNL and its staff embrace the principles of customer focus, integrity, effort, continuous improvement, adaptability, quality, partnership and collaboration, ingenuity and equality.