Access Library Services During Your Hospital Visit

Library Services during your Hospital Visit

When you are visiting a hospital, something to pass the time is essential. Reading, whether it be a book or magazine, is proven to help with relaxation and benefit your health.

eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks are available to download for free onto your mobile device from your local library service.

Please check the links below:

eBooks and eAudiobooks

CultureNL Libraries provide an eBook and eAudiobook service via BorrowBox.

This fantastic resource can be used to download top eBook and eAudiobook titles to various digital devices including your smartphone or tablet from the highly-rated BorrowBox app, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for FREE.

The library services have dedicated website pages for the service which you can access below:

BorrowBox by CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire


We’ve all been there. Visiting time has ended and your family members and friends have gone home. Your grape supply is dwindling and you’ve read the magazine that someone left you cover to cover 5 times already. Wouldn’t be great to be able to get something new to read?

Well with RBdigital’s eMagazine service available from CultureNL Libraries you can do just that without even leaving your hospital bed provided your smartphone or tablet is within reach.

You can download the RBdigital app from the either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for FREE and get access to loads of eMagazines. No need to read about the same celebrity love story over and over again.

The library services have dedicated website pages for the service which you can access below:

RBdigital by CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire

Join Online

For our current library members this is all fantastic. But what about if you haven’t visited a library in years? It’s ok, we know you’ve been meaning to come and visit and join one day so we’ve made it even easier for you to join online now.

By joining online, you will be able to access BorrowBox and RBdigital instantly. So what are you waiting for? The link? Here it is:

Join Online with CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire

Other eLibrary Services

CultureNL Libraries offer other eLibrary services via our websites. If you are interested in finding out more about them, you can visit the website using the links below:

CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire eLibrary

Home Delivery

What about support after your hospital stay? You are still a book lover, but you might be unable to satisfy your urge for new books because you’re unable to visit your local library.

That’s where our home delivery service might be useful. If you meet the criteria to be able to use the service, we are able to delivery books directly to your door. To find out if you meet the requirements and to find out more about the services, check out our website page below:

CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire Home Delivery Service
Search Our Catalogues
Want to know what books we have in stock? You can do that by visiting our online catalogues. From there you can see what we have in stock, place reservations and renew items.

It makes managing your library membership really easy and simple.

Get started by visiting our online catalogues below:

CultureNL Libraries in North Lanarkshire Online Catalogue